Developing an IT strategy is an essential and important task to ensure successful IT in your business. It sets the framework for IT management and shows scope and direction for future action on. Thus, the IT is positioned appropriately and supports the achievement of corporate goals.

On course for success with an IT strategy

The aim is to describe how to align the IT to support the specified business requirements / business goals optimally. Following actionable measures and a roadmap are established.
We support you in the processing of your IT strategy by jointly

  • make a positioning of IT to identify a starting point, the need for action and possible restrictions
  • derive in collaboration with the business units, the vision and mission, objectives and measures of IT
  • identify relevant IT trends and technological requirements
  • develop and evaluate various options for action
  • design in coordination with the business areas your IT strategy
  • Create the target and measures roadmaps as a basis for investment and as a basis for planning the IT controlling

Proven approach, important contents of the IT strategy development: 


The tasks in detail:

  • Preparing for IT strategy development, setting the action
  • Check the present conditions, compliance with time schedules and financial requirements
  • Coordinating the policy development and decision-making process
  • Support and guidance of the core team, performing interviews
  • Planning, preparing, moderating and controlling the workshops in the different stages of development
  • Use group dynamics and conflicts of achievement and involve them in the development process
  • Accompanying communication throughout the strategy development process
  • Documenting the interim results
  • Development of IT strategy draft to the final IT strategy

Our approach of working is to develop an IT strategy based on both standardized and established procedures, but especially to our best practices, trends and the extensive experience of our experts. We understand that developing an IT strategy as a dynamic process which regularly checks is aligned with possibly changing conditions and adjusted as necessary.

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