The increased use of cloud computing, mobile applications and social media, as well as increased security requirements ensure an ever-increasing need for Single Sign On solutions. The multitude of identities and passwords in business provide increasingly for enhanced security risks and generate costs.

Important Security risks that are minimized with Single Sign On:

  • Attacks / cybercriminals / hackers
  • Type and standards of encryption
  • Legal regulations, which are not yet included.

We assist you with a Single Sign On assessment, where we take your requirements, identify the SSO potential and help you to find the right Single Sign On solution on the market for you.

Requirements (excerpt): 

  • Integration of an Identity & Access Management solution, discovery of different identity types (e.g. internal / external /customers etc.)
  • Identity federation (authentication)
  • Connectors / enterprise applications, mobile and cloud applications (ESSO / WebSSO)
  • Type of identity services (standards as SAML, OAuth 2.0)
  • Security (Certificates / PKI, requirements to password policies, processes password management, encrypted login process, multi-factor authentication, token)
  • Authentication processes, availability
  • System Architecture, Technology, System Integration
  • Data security (transmission, storage)
  • Usability / Ease of administration (Self Service Functions)
  • Reporting
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