Fast changing market structures and increased competition require more and more process and organisational changes. Flexibility and agility are important factors for these changes. Our solution RoleGenius® is designed to support the creation and clean-up of complex roles. This enables you to master reorganisations securely, precisely and in record time.

The next generation role modelling tool

Start into the next generation of role modelling with RoleGenius®. At the touch of a button user roles and role profiles are generated fully automated and if desired, implemented directly into your identity and access management tool.
In an ever-changing environment organisational structures and corresponding user roles and role affiliations change constantly. As a result of this large amounts of roles and dependencies have to be checked, cleaned, changed or created from scratch – and this in several applications. This process, often done manually, is very time-consuming and cost-intensive. But not only that, it also requires a lot of know-how in role modelling, meaning for individual applications as well.
This is very error-prone and increases the risk for compliance issues and security breaks.

That`s what you`ve been waiting for - Reorganisation and clean-up of roles at the touch of a button.

Play it safe with RoleGenius from WiB Solutions!

Berechtigungskonzepte und -änderungen können sicher, schnell  und entsprechend der Logik und dem Aufbau Ihres bestehenden Rollenmodells umgesetzt und erweitert werden – und das im laufenden Betrieb!
The time saving is more than 80%, time for testing is also reduced significantly.
An intuitive and modern user interface makes it user-friendly.
Substantially increase the quality of your authorisation profiles.
WiB offers detailed know-how in all aspects of role modelling, we support you with consultation services, configuration and implementation of RoleGenius® in your company.

Have a look at our video on YouTube.

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