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Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

IAM Identity and Access Management Excellence

The effective management of access rights

Role-based access control (RBAC) refers to the method of assigning permissions to users based on their role in an organization. It provides differentiated control and a simple, manageable approach to access management that is less error-prone than assigning permissions to individual users.

With RBAC, employees can access only the information they need to do their jobs.
In the role-based access control data model, roles are based on several factors, including authorization, responsibility and job authority. This allows organizations to determine whether a user is an end user, an administrator or a special user. In addition, access to computing resources can be restricted to specific tasks, such as viewing, creating or modifying files.

By creating role assignments, you can control access to resources through RBAC. A role assignment consists of three elements: security principal, role definition, and scope.

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– Individual authorizations can be combined in specialist roles
– Fewer requests at the help desk
– Reduced administration work, as fewer rules need to be maintained and changed in IdM.
– Centralized management of all permissions, security policies and user roles in the IdM system simplifies administration.
– Auditability of task execution in the user lifecycle.
– Reduce the risk of misuse


– Improve operational efficiency
– Improve compliance rules
– Improve visibility for administrators
– Reduce the risk of security breaches


– Create role and authorization concept where all employee functions can be transferred to the appropriate role with appropriate access rights.
– All users in all connected systems are monitored via user provisioning.


– Define cross-system role models and concepts
– Consideration of separation of tasks/functions
– Structure role organization
– Design of role management processes
– Re-certify existing rights and authorization checks

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