Both in the context of governance, risk management, and compliance as well as a discipline in risk management is an important ongoing management task to identify potential or actual risks early and systematically, to analyze, to evaluate, monitor, control and take timely measures.

Strategic Risk Management

Corporate strategy and other internal and external policies of the organization are essential for specifying the criteria for risk classification for risk management and assessment in accordance with the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) - approach:

  • Corporate risks (management, organization, processes, finance, human resources, IT, etc.)
  • Compliance / GRC / ICS
  • Technical risks
  • Project risks
  • Software risks
  • etc.

We support you in defining the strategic risk indicators (risk policy, risk catalogue) and establishing the link between strategy and operational risk management. (Top-down Approach)

Risk management:

  • Risk analysis, identification and evaluation of risks, their descriptions, causes and effects (probability / potential impact)
  • Risk prioritization and control by setting measures, the impact and / or reduce probability of occurrence
  • Risk control / management and monitoring of the effectiveness of the measures
  • Risk reporting / documentation of all processes

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