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Privileged Access Management (PAM)

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The Privileged Access Management

What are your administrators and suppliers doing on your systems?

PAM protects your organization from unknowing misuse of privileged access. Growing organizations especially benefit from Privileged Access Management, as IT networks and systems become more complex as employees, service providers and users grow.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is by no means something that should be ignored. That’s because the PAM solution enables organizations to ensure that only those with the right access permissions can access all business-critical data and systems.

PAM is not limited to a specific software or infrastructure – it also allows all privileged users in different systems to be managed easily and cost-effectively.
Privileged Access Management technology also supports compliance requirements by managing and monitoring privileged accounts.

How we can support you


– Restrict access of specific users to selected systems
– Grant and revoke access to specific areas in a timely manner
– Avoid unnecessary password management and password entry Ensure centralized management of access rights to heterogeneous networks
– Create accurate audit trails for each operation performed by privileged users


– Fast implementation
With a simple rollout, the PAM environment can be installed and up and running in a matter of days.
– High security
Protect privileged accounts and log access to prevent account misuse with minimal effort
– Adaptable to needs
PAM implementations can be customized to meet individual needs


– Manage and record user sessions.
All PAM sessions can be monitored and recorded in real-time for review, audit, and training.
– Fully compliant access
Through real-time alerts on important activities, complete lists of all systems, and monitoring.


– Work across company departments on an ongoing basis
– Speak with employees at all levels and work collaboratively as a team.
– Develop and communicate strategies that impact the entire organization.
– Best break down complex issues and share strategies and results with C-level executives.

Requirements for PAM:

– Multi-factor authentication (MFA) for administrators.
– An access manager for storing privileged users’ permissions and user information.
– A centralized and encrypted password vault to store the appropriate passwords; including automatic, periodic password resets.
– The ability to track sessions once privileged access is granted.
Incl. the ability to have all activities traceably logged in a log.
– Dynamic authorization configuration (e.g., that accesses are granted only in a certain time interval).
– Automated provisioning and de-provisioning of critical permissions to – reduce insider threats.
– Audit logging tools to help organizations comply with regulations.
– Workflow-based privilege requests for shared accounts (on-demand privileges).
– Role-based privilege management
– Shadow account discovery

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