Since the beginning of 2008, WiB Solutions has been an Omada partner and the first authorized provider and integration partner of the Omada Identity Suite (OIS-X) in Switzerland.

The Omada Identity Suite is perfectly integrated with Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM, formerly FIM) and the Microsoft world. Interfaces to most known systems (> 80) like SAP, Active Directory, LDAP, Novell or also Sybase, DB2 etc. are implemented and are actively maintained by Microsoft and the corresponding manufacturers.

CyberArk provides an end-to-end privileged account security solution on a single, integrated platform. Whether organizations start with privileged password control and management, session monitoring, or threat analysis, there are modular solutions that meet immediate needs and grow as business needs grow.

F5 Networks technologies focus on the provisioning, security, performance and availability of Web applications, as well as the availability of servers, cloud resources, data storage devices and other network components.

WiB Microsoft Silver Partner

Die WiB Solutions AG ist zertifizierter Microsoft Silver Partner und bietet den Microsoft Identity Manager als eine integrierte und umfassende Lösung für die Verwaltung des gesamten Lebenszyklus von Benutzeridentitäten und den dazugehörigen Berechtigungen an. Die Lösung kombiniert Identitätssynchronisierung, Zertifikats- und Kennwortverwaltung sowie Benutzerprovisionierung in einem Produkt. Microsoft Identity Manager ist ein wichtiger Baustein im Microsoft Portfolio, um Identitäten on Premise zu verwalten und Cloud-Szenarien zu ermöglichen.

Systancia, a renowned European provider of virtualization, cyber security and digital trust, offers the new generation of IT infrastructure to deliver applications focused on the user and security: Solutions for application virtualization and VDI, remote access security, privileged user monitoring (PAM), unified authentication (SSO) and identity access management (IAM).

The IPdiva Cleanroom solution: The cleanroom principle combines the performance and agility of application virtualization with the security provided by PAM mechanisms to meet the growing security requirements of administrator workstations.

Founded in 2002, Ping's vision has always been to use identity management as a central technology to ensure the highest possible level of security in a world without borders. For over ten years, we have worked hard to create the foundation for this vision through open identity standards. In this way, we paved the way for identities to become a universal method of protecting all users, devices, networks and applications.

tenfold Partner WiB Solutions AG

tenfold Software GmbH is concerned with how companies can deal better and more easily with growing requirements in authorization management. With the innovative software solution "tenfold" it has been possible to revolutionize the handling of IT users and IT authorizations - never before has it been so easy to automatically control all important processes in the life cycle of IT users and at the same time to know at any time who has which authorizations throughout the company.

OpenIAM Partner WiB Solutions AG

There are many good and professional IAM solutions on the market. OpenIAM is a great and very comprehensive IAM solution, which is based on a professional open source model and can be an affordable solution for customers.

OpenIAM offers its product OpenIAM in two variants: As an open source solution with the major releases free of charge, without support. As subscription based solution with all point releases and support by WiB Solutions and OpenIAM.

NetIQ is a global provider of IT solutions and enterprise software focused on the success of its customers. NetIQ provides cost-effective solutions for protecting data and managing dynamic, highly distributed application environments.

With Solarwinds©, you can quickly and easily assign, revoke, manage, and control user access rights to systems, data, and files so your organization is protected from potential data loss risks and data security breaches.

Fortinet Partner WiB

Fortinet provides world-class network and content security and secure access products that exchange information and work together to create a collaborative structure. It offers a comprehensive portfolio including solutions for cloud infrastructures, IoT, branch offices, border gateways and data center segmentation. Virtualized or in the cloud, all Fortinet appliances run with the self-developed FortiOS.

Swisscom is the leading telecommunications company in Switzerland with headquarters in Ittigen near the capital Berne. More than 20,000 employees generated sales of CHF 5.7 million in the first half of 2014. Swisscom is one of the most sustainable companies in Switzerland and Europe.

Nevis Security ist WiB Partner

Die Firma NEVIS Security AG entwickelt und vertreibt die Sicherheitslösung NEVIS Security Suite. Die Sicherheitslösung ist in der Schweiz marktführend im Bankenumfeld: Sie sichert über 80 Prozent aller E-Banking-Transaktionen. Nevis gewährleistet und vereinfacht die Einhaltung von Compliance Richtlinien, erlaubt Federated Security und bietet ein durchgängiges Access Management.

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