Fast changing market structures and increased competition require more and more process and organisational changes. Flexibility and agility are important factors for these changes. Our solution RoleGenius® is designed to support the creation and clean-up of complex roles. This enables you to master reorganisations securely, precisely and in record time.


You need a fast overview of all access rights and their relationship structure. You also want to discover data inconsistencies and security risks (for instance segregation of duty) – without having to buy or install software and occurring high costs. AuditGenius® offers exactly these services.

IdentityGenius® Connect

Are you looking for a centralised Identity & Access management (IAM) solution providing workflow-based provisioning capabilities into most systems which is also cost-effective, scalable and offers fast installation at the same time? Are you concerned this can only be achieved through complex, lenghty and risky projects with high implementation and operating costs? That doesn`t have to be the case. Our solution "IdentityGenius® Connect offers your business a fast start into IAM!

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