In today's world, creating a secure IT environment requires knowledge and expertise that normal IT staff and vendors do not have. It requires special skills that go beyond training seminars and classroom exercises. The security expert must think like a hacker and have the skills of a hacker to mitigate the threats he poses.

Who are we?

We are specialized in the provision of information security and risk management services. Our security consulting team consists of a number of highly qualified, highly motivated and highly committed security specialists whose goal is to provide our clients with value-added risk consulting.

With our security assessment, management and training services, we can assess and mitigate the risks that compromise our customers' data and information and impact your business-critical processes and image.

We can also help you implement the right security processes and procedures to improve your security situation seamlessly and efficiently without disrupting your daily business.

Information security is a dynamic process that must be managed effectively to enable organizations to respond to new vulnerabilities and evolving threats. In information security, our focus is on maintaining and securing three information attributes:

Prevention of unauthorised disclosure.

Prevents unauthorized changes.

Prevention of unauthorized destruction or denial of access.

WiB Solutions AG services are designed to help you secure your business by proactively identifying, analyzing and evaluating risks that endanger the volume of information in your organization. The loss of company data can have drastic consequences for companies. As a result, organizations must proactively identify and address security vulnerabilities in their systems.

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