Are you looking for a centralised Identity & Access management (IAM) solution providing workflow-based provisioning capabilities into most systems which is also cost-effective, scalable and offers fast installation at the same time? Are you concerned this can only be achieved through complex, lenghty and risky projects with high implementation and operating costs? That doesn`t have to be the case. Our solution "IdentityGenius® Connect offers your business a fast start into IAM!

Speed up your business - an IAM System in 4 weeks

Get started with IdentityGenius® Connect! Fast turn-around time, after installing the system you are ready to go.

  • The intelligent pre-configured solution for a fast start into Identity & Access Management:
    • Pre-configured, standardised functionality
    • Offers administration of identity data and user access rights for internal and external employees, administration of organisational structures, roles etc.
    • Includes a pre-configured access request with 2 step approval and pre-configured JML processes (entry, change, exit)
    • User Self Service functionality
    • Includes meaningful reporting functionality with the option to export reports
  • Integration of target systems: Active Directory and Exchange integration, Email notification Framework
  • Managable costs – fixed price offering
  • Fast and straightforward implementation in 4 weeks
  • Implementation by an experienced IAM integration specialist with over 20 years of IAM experience

Profit from the following benefits by productively using a fully fledged IAM system in your organisation with our cost-effective solution IdentityGenius® Connect:

  • Significantly reduced workload through automated authorisation processes, resulting in cost savings and a reduction in workload for your IT staff
  • Role requests and tiered approval processes (approve, create, change, delegate, remove approval rights) are performed within the IAM adminstration level, target systems are provisioned automatically
  • High transparency and control of authorisations, full traceability through complete history of all objects, users, roles etc.
  • Better data quality and increased security enabled by compliance control, reporting and auditing
  • Centralised management and administration of identities and corresponding access rights

ACT NOW and easily automate manual authorisation processes!
IdentityGenius® Connect at a fixed price of 29`900 CHF* Fixpreis von 29’900 CHF*
*Price excluding VAT, plus licence fees

Customising of your IAM solution available in further steps.

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