WiB Solutions uses biometric hand vein scanner solutions as one method for identification and authentication. Contactless, using infrared light the scanner recognises the intricate hand vein pattern under the skin on the inside of the palm.

This method offers higher security than other biometric options; a fingerprint authentication method for instance could leave traces of the fingerprint on the reader.

The hand vein pattern is unique to every person and shows detailed individual characteristics. As it lies under the skin it can`t be copied or stolen, making it almost forgery-proof.

More advantages of a biometric hand vein solution:

  • Easy and fast to use
  • Contactless and therefore, hygienic authentication
  • Very high user acceptance
  • Employees increase their efficiency (one time log in)
  • Access even if access key has been forgotten
  • Innovative and secure to increase efficiency and security
  • Highly-secure as almost impossible to copy and only functional on a life object

The use cases are manifold. The solution is very well suited for companies with high security standard and/or high hygiene standards, such as hospitals and clinics, banks but also schools and universities.

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