CIAM connects customer and company and offers secure ...

  • Customer touchpoints.
  • Corporate touchpoints.
  • Brand touchpoints.

Those who count on CIAM today to offer customers «experience and shopping» via online channels, have understood digitilisation on a marketing level and profit from the growing e-commerce boom.

A comprehensive CIAM solution has to cover normal technical aspects such as usability, scalability, data protection and security but on top of it also fulfill marketing and business analysis requirements (consistency, conversion and an integrative view on the customer). It also needs to be scalable in a flexible way, to administer millions of customers across all channels and to seemlessly integrate these channels in order to offer customers an integrated and optimal experience.

With the right CIAM solution you can offer your customers an expected easy and straightforward user experience and at the same time guarantee the high security your company needs.

CIAM Customer Identity Access Management

CIAM projects are no longer triggered by IT or IT security, but by marketing departments, as end customers and partners increasingly interact with companies via digital channels. Target groups such as customers or partners should have access to relevant corporate services via web access with a personalized, simple and high-performance user experience. This also includes the fact that customers today register via social login (Facebook, Linkedin, Google, etc.).

Did you know that the registration rate increases by more than 50% if you have the possibility to register via Social Login?

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