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Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM)

IAM Identity and Access Management Excellence

Guaranteed security and competitive advantage with CIAM

Do you also focus on the customer? Do you also have customer data under control? Or do you need Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) support?

Traditional IAM can be used to authenticate customers, but it cannot provide information about the customer, where they are coming from, and who they are.

Instead, the CIAM must accommodate customers who enter through a website or mobile application that exists outside of the typical digital realm. It must facilitate personalization of user interfaces and, most importantly, convenience: the customer-facing identity interface must be easy to use for registration, login, and account management.

In short, IAM emphasizes inward orientation, while CIAM is outward oriented.
With the right CIAM solution, you can provide customers with the simple and straightforward user experience they expect, while ensuring the high level of security your organization requires.

How we can support you


– Automate processes
– Reduce costs
– Simplification of administration
– User Self Service
– Increase security
– Adherence to compliance guidelines & governance
– Access management at the push of a button
– Simplicity and Usability
– Auto User Provisioning
– Workflow Management & Self Service
– Password Management
– Single Sign-On (SSO)
– Reporting, Audit & Compliance


– Cross-platform administration of user data and role-based access rights
– Reduced process costs
– Increased IT security through automatic provisioning
– Relief of the help desk
– Self-service functions
– Reduction of process costs


– IT strategy consulting
– IAM concept development
– Compliance / GRC Consulting
– IT architecture consulting
– IAM feasibility studies
– Requirements engineering, creation of functional specifications
– project management
– Product evaluations
– Preparation of tender documents


– Automated authorization processes
– Role Mining/Role Modeling
– Privileged User Management
– Provisioning/Interfaces
– Authentication/Authorization
– Single Sign-On
– Password Management
– Compliance Reporting

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