Review & Audit mit WiB Solutions AG

Review & Audit

With our proven 360° IT review we assess the current situation of your IT infrastructure in all relevant areas and create the associated implementation roadmap vendor-neutral with a holistic 360° panoramic view of the outside.

Informationssicherheit mit der WiB Solutions AG

Information Security

Information security is intended to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. This allows information to be protected from dangers such as unauthorized access or manipulation. Economic damage is prevented in the corporate environment.

Risk Management mit WiB Solutions AG

Risk Management

Both in the context of governance, risk management, and compliance as well as a discipline in risk management is an important ongoing management task to identify potential or actual risks early and systematically, to analyze, to evaluate, monitor, control and take timely measures.

Strategie- Architekturberatung mit WiB

Strategy & Architecture Consulting

The development of an IT strategy is an essential and important task to ensure the value contribution of IT to business success. It defines the framework conditions for IT management and indicates the scope and direction for future action. This positions IT accordingly and supports the achievement of corporate goals.

Rolemining und Rolemodeling mit WiB Solutions AG

Rolemining / Rolemodeling

With the introduction of RBAC, a more cost-effective and simpler administration of users and their rights is achieved. Much more important, however, is the clear assignment of roles with regard to compliance requirements such as segregation of duties or authorization certifications.  

GDPR und EU-DSGVO mit der WiB Solutions AG


"GDPR" is at present a very current topic. What does the abbreviation "GDPR" actually stand for, what does GDPR contain and is your company affected by it? Why do penalties threaten up to 20 million euros, if enterprises do not convert the defaults of the GDPR?

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