Outsource your IT solutions in the Microsoft Azure or Swisscom cloud - operated by WiB Solutions. Free yourself from complex and costly IT balast and outsource your IT operation without renouncing first-class data protection and security.  

Swisscom Cloud

Place worth it, that your data will remain in Switzerland, then IT operation in a high-security Swisscom computer center is exactly right for you. Built on VMWare Swisscom cloud solution scales with the growth and needs of your company - and at your fingertips. Additionally required computing power or memory can be rised on your fingertips and will be settled on a daily basis. Your data and applications are always 100% hosted and operated in Switzerland - guaranteed.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Alternatively, you can operate your IT solutions in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The Azure cloud is a highly scalable and cost-effective cloud platform with a worldwide distribution. Like Swisscom cloud, you can also easily retrieve the required power, according to all your needs. Your data and solutions will be hosted in a Microsoft data center in Europe. Privacy and data security are guaranteed. 

The Azure services are based on a usage-based payment, so you pay only for the resources you actually use. Microsoft Azure provides minute billing and guarantees at any time the optimal price-performance ratio.

WiB Solutions carry out the solution planning, migration, installation and support of your cloud needs. Our specialists are happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate cloud platform. Ask for free quote. 

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