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Take the free Basic Quick Check to see if your company meets the privacy and compliance requirements, such as the EU Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). If you would like a more detailed assessment of the maturity level of your company, you can contact us at Read more...

Datenschutz_InfoSicherheit_QuickCheck mit WiB Solutions AG

Do the Privacy & InfoSecurity Check!

Nur ein kontinuierlich geführtes Risiko-Management, eine laufende Überwachung und Optimierung von Prozessen und Technologien bringt Ihnen, Ihren Mitarbeitenden, Lieferanten, Kunden die notwendige Sicherheit und auch Vertrauen für den Austausch digitaler Daten und Informationen. Machen Sie den kostenlosen Datenschutz & Informationssicherheit Check!

Alen Mavric Support Mitarbeiter bei WiB Solutions AG

Successful apprenticeship

Successful completion of apprenticeship! We congratulate Alen Mavric on his successful apprenticeship as a computer scientist EFZ. Alen completed his practical training at WiB Solutions until June 2019. During his training he was able to actively participate in the implementation of various modules of our applications and supported our team with first and second level support for various customers. Read more...

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