You need a fast overview of all access rights and their relationship structure. You also want to discover data inconsistencies and security risks (for instance segregation of duty) – without having to buy or install software and occurring high costs. AuditGenius® offers exactly these services.

Clarity and full transparency of all access and entry rights in your company – Discovery of security risks!

Mit dem AuditGenius® können wir unstrukturierte Identitäts- und Berechtigungsdaten aus verschiedenen Quellsystemen in strukturierte Daten umwandeln und gut visualisierte Vorschläge (Compliance Reports, SoD Report, verwaiste oder veraltete Accounts / Gruppen usw.) liefern, die im Anschluss geprüft, validiert und neustrukturiert werden können.

Vorteile des AuditGenius® Services:


  • Fast overview of all access/entry rights and their relationship structures (for instance inheritance of rights, affiliation)
  • Complete and structured analysis of authorisation
  • Meaningful reports, for instance orphaned accounts, groups etc.


  • Discovery of data inconsistency
  • Error checking
  • Identification of Segregation of Duty (SoD) conflicts
  • Ensure traceability for revision purposes
  • Integration into a security concept
  • Ensure compliance with the internal control system


  • Foundation for further data cleansing
  • Foundation for further role modelling and role engineering
  • Foundation for tool-based authorisation management
  • Foundation for automated generation of different role types for bulk processing
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